A little thought over “Misery”

If you are living in a country like India and you travel places a lot,  then I am sure that you would have seen people who are sitting in a corner or will be around you asking for money.  By looking at them, you will feel helping them. And that is a good thing to do. Right? So, okay let’s start with the story first.

There was a lake. A monk was sitting beside a lake. He saw one scorpio was trying to come out of lake to save it’s life. The monk stood up and as soon as he tried to save the scorpio out of the lake, the scorpio stung the monk and fell into lake. Monk again tried to save the scorpio and same thing happened again. One traveler was passing by and saw monk getting stung by scorpio again and again. He was surprised by this action of monk and asked him a reason. Monk simply replied “The only behavior of scorpio is to sting, and mine is to save”.

Taking this story into consideration, it looks we should at least help this people who seeks for help. Should we?? The answer is yes, but not every time.

So the place where I work, there is one woman who does the job of maintaining cleaning of the work-space and sometimes cleans the dishes as well. So the next day when I was coming for workplace, I saw the same woman carrying a purse and well dressed going to the workplace. The thing what I see here is it’s not the work you are doing, it’s about the passion you carry with you. So by giving this example I want to say that, the people who beg for money, sometimes I feel that instead begging and letting down their self respect they should earn money by putting some effort. No work is small. This is just an example, but there are enough opportunities around.

But yes, there are some miserable people out there, who are not in a physical condition that they can do any kind of work. We should help and support such people for showing the humanity. I would also suggest that instead helping them with money , better ask what their real problem is. If you can solve that problem, that is the best. But atleast give them some food or something else which can help them.

I would like to mention a YouTube channel ActorVarunPruthi which will definitely motivate you about how to help such people.

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