Materialistic Lifestyle

So I am writing this blog because I have been looking at the pattern which is there around us, many will observe too, but very less will think upon it even-though they follow into same category. So let me start with what is “Materialistic Lifestyle“.

Let’s start with example of a regular person who goes for an job for five days a week, and earns money out of it. Once month is over, that person will receive money directly into the account. So the question is, what shall a person do with that money? This single question can define the lifestyle of that person.

Many of us would spend money on buying cool electronic gadgets, getting a new vehicle, spending on house furniture or amenities etc. etc. It looks fine right. Yes, it is for sure but till one point. Nowadays you will see people go mad about brands like for mobile iPhone, for bike probably royal enfield, for watch Rolex so on.. Nothing wrong here though. It can be someone dream to have such things in life. But this list goes on and on. That’s why I said `till one point`. You won’t be realizing that your lifestyle becoming more of a Materialistic Lifestyle.

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So what’s the message here? Well, If you see around us, there are so many other unexplored things which won’t ask you the amount of the money for which you need to work that hard and make more savings. Things like going on a vacation with family or kids, buying things for others which will make them happy, investing on hobbies or interests. Once you start doing this little things, you will be feeling a lot more happy then adding one more brand item to your list.

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